20 July 2009

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

A duel has been called. The gloves are off and faces have been slapped.

As a table full of the 'Usual Suspects' sat about last Sunday, eating caramel slice and drinking coffee, we all collectively moaned about the poor state of our waistlines. Over another piece of caramel slice, a plan was hatched.

Behold - the BMI Challenge.

Website - designed and hosted.
Scales - calibrated.
Prizes - decided.
Sledging - locked and loaded.

So here's the deal. $50 per head, into the kitty. Everyone sets a challenging but achievable goal for their weight loss over the next 16 weeks. We all treat ourselves to dinner at Simones of Bright once it's all over. The person with the best loss compared to their personal target eats for free - out of the prize money pool.

And considering the last time I left that restaurant, there was a 4 figure charge (and we're talking whole dollars) on my VISA card, it will be a very good night.

So this little fatty boom-bah needs to get from 95 down to 90kg. I have the added incentive that 90kg means that I get to buy a brand spanking new set of MTB wheels as a little prize.

It will probably take me 16 weeks to decide which ones I want!

So - the plan?

* Less beer (...groan)
* More riding (which means back on the riding to work train again ...groan)
* More water.

I shall keep you apprised of my progress.


BoaB said...

Good luck with the BMI Challenge Ant.

Dee said...

Not fair! If I lost 5 kilos I would vanish! Sounds like an awesome dinner, hope you get lots of takers.
I have been wanting to talk to you about things spatial, email me at adella.edwards@jcu.edu.au (yes I have outed myself) so we can talk.

Ant said...

Will do Dee.

The beauty of the challenge - you set your own target.

Zero is still a target right?

Groover said...

Simone's of Bright - We were planning to go there the last two times we went to the Tour of Bright. One year it was closed that night and last year Alberto didn't come and I wasn't going to dine out by myself. So hopefully this year, after Mt Hotham, will be our special treat.

Good luck with your challenge. You can do it!