06 March 2009


Week 2 of switching back to part-time work and (attempting to) study. It's been harder than I thought. I'm missing the shop (God knows why!) and trying to revert back to sef paced study is taking a little more willpower than I have at the moment. I should finish my first assignment today - and give the second one a fairly good crack - but it has taken me 5 days where it probably should have taken 2.

Amazing what you can find to distract yourself with - hence the last iTunes post. This week I've been trying to track down a remix of a track that I like - which was also pretty hard to track down - and I'm not having any luck.

Anyone heard this tune before? "Baby Doll" by Party of One (trying to find a YouTube to link to, but struggling). Anyway, awesome track, someone remixed or re-released it last year, cannot for the life of me find it!

MAC09 XC race on this Sunday. It's going to be a big weekend, working tomorrow, then off to the DH race that afternoon, might just lurk around with a camera and try for some good shots, then need to be at the track by 6:30 Sunday to finish setting up the XC course, and then racing at 9am.

Multitude of different classes to enter, and I struggled for quite some time to decide which one I should enter. While I enjoy the longer races (3+ laps), I am thoroughly uncompetitive at that level, and am quite often the last one to roll home. But a $35 entry fee, I want value for money too! So, the dilemma - do I enter something longer that I'm going to suck at, or something shorter that I might be able to give a nudge?

Option 2 won out - and Sport B it is, a grand total of 2 laps and about 15km. $2 a km seems fair, no?

Wed Night Dirt Crit was tough, very tough, but (in retrospect) fun. Short course - up (and I mean up!) the fireroad, turn around ride back down the Dirt Luge - a techy, tight, fast bit of singletrack. Length probably all of about 1.5km, and do as many laps as possible in 40 minutes (I got 8 in, by the way). It was a good lesson in recovery, still trying to ride quick downhill but smoothly, trying to get the heart rate down before you have to climb back up the firetrail.

The repear descending was also good practice, it's a section of track I don't ride well, and doing it 8 times in a row allowed me to practive a few different lines and see which worked best. I've found a few counter-intuitive moves in there that seem to be quicker, hopefully this works in my favour on Sunday.

Oh well, off for some more procrastinating. Must be time to wash the dishes.


Matt said...

Sport B, dam, even I'm doing Sport A! :)

Somehow I managed to pull in on the dirt crits into 2nd place without realising then saw a freight train of riders behind me - was very funny.

Ant said...

Never too late to swap down (or up, for that matter). I get the feeling that there's a few guys that should be riding Expert that will be riding Sport class, and I really don't want to get thwacked. But Sport B might just be a little bit too soft.

With that many riders charging around Wed night on that little bit of track, you had to keep rolling, or get flattened eh?