01 March 2009

iTunes Fun I

I love iTunes. And I'm a little bit fascinated by the Genius feature. How does it know what tunes go well together?

It seems to be partly driven by your own listening preferences, your own play counts and artist nationality. I've mixed it up a little bit a few times, for example if you reset all your play counts to zero, you get a much more 'random' experience, both with the Genius list and the Shuffle Songs option.

I started thinking about looping the Genius list on itself. Pick a song, create the Genius list, pick the 10th song on the list, Genius that, and so on.

What does it come up with?

Well, let's see:

Like a Dog - Powderfinger
Something Borrowed Something Blue - Ben Lee
Animal - Jebediah
Second Solution - Living End
Passenger - Powderfinger
Alone With You - Sunnyboys (wasn't expecting that)
Come Said the Boy - Mondo Rock (bad 80's fashion anyone?)
Accidentaly Kelly St - Frente! (bad 90's fashion anyone?)
Dumb Things - Paul Kelly
Chemical Heart - Grinspoon

There. All Aussie. 7 out of 10 probably straight off a Hottest 100 CD.

Not the strangely random playlist I was hoping for...

1 comment:

Groover said...

Thanks for sharing the outcome of this experiment. I have been wondering the same. :-)