09 December 2008

Nine Nine Seven

Jumped on the scales this morning for a pleasant surprise.

For the first time in approximately 10 years, I have fallen under the magic 100 kilogram mark. No rhyme or reason to it - I've just been watching what I'm eating a bit more, trying to drink a little less beer, and exercising more. The daily cycle commuting to work seems to be working a treat, plus being on my feet all day, running up and down the stairs repeatedly, and dragging bikes around.

The last time I remember being sub 100kg was in about 1998 when I went sky diving in NZ. I needed to weigh under 100kg while clothed, and came in smack on. If I remember correctly, I ate and drank alot on that trip, so I daresay that was the tipping point into triple figures.

5 years ago when we moved here, I said I wanted to get under 100kg - I was about 103 at the time, and have hovered around the 103 to 105 ever since.

Until now.

Hopefully the results continue! Not that I'm obsessing about it though.

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