12 November 2008

Premonition = Correct

I was right. I was severely underdone for the Highland Fling.

To cut a long story short, I DNF'd at the 86km checkpoint. I'm struggling for reasons why - it was warmer than I was expecting, I was struggling with sections of the course, I wasn't feeling great, I was just lacking the mental fortitude to suck it up and finish the job, I couldn't face the thought of another 28km of self-torture, I hadn't done the course research and I wasn't sure what the last section would entail.

Bottom line was that I pulled the pin. I'm kicking myself because I think I could have finished the job, not well, but it would have got done.

The middle section (56km) was tough. Alot of steep pinchy climbing, hard to settle into a rhythm on the singletrack, and the legs were getting tired, no punch left in them to drive. I was never so happy to see firetrail as I was at the end of that stage.

Others in the crew did awesomely well. Tim with a 67th overall and a Top 20 in his category, Lisa with a Top 20 in her category, Ports finishing his first marathon event in about 7:20 (despite a timing failure), and Ingo slogging it out to finish his first marathon.

I really need to do some climbing work. I should be doing a longer ride to/from work, either around the Weir on the road bike, or up and over Nail Can on the MTB.

Bundanoon is lovely, and the accomdation was excellent. I would like to go back and stay, and have a bit more of a relaxed poke about.

Not much other news at this point. Dog doing ok, not enjoying the cage time. Course going OK. Els away for work, we seem to be going tag team at going away at present.

Street BBQ tonight. Wonder what that is going to be like?

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