22 November 2008

On The Quiet

Yep, been a bit quiet. Not much going on in my corner of the universe, at least not much worth commenting on.

In short:

#After much harrassment by Grant (my boss) I have agreed to work full-time for him for the next 3 or so months, pretty much over the Xmas / holiday period. Gives me a chance to accumulate some funds rather than spending them. Plus staff discount, let's not look past that.
#Els has been away for work pretty much for the last 2 weeks solid. Home last night, so hopefully I get to spend some time with her this weekend! (he types as he's about to leave for work on a Sat morning)
#Dog continues to improve. Trick now is keeping him quiet and still, as he now believes he is bulletproof again.
#Hope to get back on the bike a bit more next week. The last fortnight has been hard, with Els being away, dog having to go to vet on daily basis, so the car has been the preferred mode of transport (wash my mouth out!). This should, and will, change.
#Club downhill race tomorrow, which should be a blast. Going to be a big day, with having to pick up the shuttle trailer this arv from Beechworth (about 40km away), early start tomorrow to bunt up the course, and then timing the bloody thing - minus club laptop and timing software, that is.

I think I need a change of direction on this blog. I'm sure you're not interested in reading my day to day bleatings. Time to mix it up some? Maybe some more photos?

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