08 October 2008

Slacker Inc Update

My blogging seems to be going from bad to worse - consistency would be rated a 0/10 at the moment, unless of course you're rating it on being consistently poor.

But that aside, what's been going on?

Had a boys weekend in Melb last weekend, went down primarily to see Diplo and the Mad Decent crew at the Prince Bandroom in St Kilda. Awesome show, awesome beats, massively late night, but we were all strangely well behaved and thusly not terribly hung over the next day, even though we got home at 4:30am (top effort for all of us!)

Sat afternoon we went off to the roundball - saw Melb Victory play Perth Glory at Telstra Dome - a shellacking at 4-0 to the Victory, 18 odd thousand people at the game, great atmosphere.

Melbourne always confuses me, especially financially. It's either dirt cheap, or ridiculously expensive. Take, for example, pre dinner drinks and dinner. Met one of our mates on Fitzroy St at an unnamed facility - very flashy, fancy, right down to the doorman opening the glass doors for us & ushering us in. Drinking Stella (not the cheapest beer) - at $5 a glass, which is probably cheaper than I can buy here in the sticks. Dinner menu, again very fancy, most expensive item $15, which I think was a seafood dish.

Dinner at Japanese restaurant up the street, two Asahis, sushi, plus main course - sub $20 per head. Awesome value again.

Then off to the Prince. Drinks were not inexpensive, until... 3x Vodka and Red Bulls... $48.50. WTF?! $16.50 EACH. I really hope they were double shots, don't like our chances though.

Cue to next day... quick beer before the round ball. Two pints of Little Creatures (granted, a boutique beer) and a glass of Coke - over $35. Essentially the pints were $15 each - WTF?! We had specifically discussed in the car, on the way down, not buying any beverages over $15 each. Twice this rule had been broken, I think completely unnecessarily.

Other good news from the weekend was getting Darkcyde II, aka the Rocky Mountain together and running. The was some momentary panic, when the XT front mech I had bought didn't fit - a quick run to the bike shop to buy a new one sorted that. I've had to pilfer the wheels off the XTC temporarily - this will be rectified today, as the new hoops have arrived from CRC, and as soon as I scoot to the post office to pick them up, we're sorted.

And off to Canberra this weekend to race the Scott 24 Hour - one of my all time favourite events - saw the entry lists this morning and by my count, about 2400 riders. This is going to be awesome.

And in financial news, I've taken 2 days a week work at one of the local bike shops. Just like a kid in a candy shop, it's close to being my dream job. Never thought I would say it, but I enjoy selling kids bikes. Plus I get to play with cool stuff. And financially it's helping - I haven't done the exact sums yet, but I'm guessing it's probably going to halve the drain on my savings. And it makes buying MTB magazines a tax deduction too!

Alright, day of study today, and I've got a ton to do. Nose to grindstone...

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