05 September 2008

FNQ Update Day 2

Headed out for a fish just before lunch, Spots A, B, C, D & F.

Chucked in a few crab pots also.

No fish, despite checking out some very fishy looking country, nice little creek runoffs, snags, drop offs et al. Lost a couple of baits, but no hookups.

Think the dodge tide today may have contributed? Weather was awesome, apparently the first still day in a long time.

Picked up one fat buck muddie out of the pots, in the fridge at the moment, to be cooked up tomorrow. Idiot here dropped him on the floor while trying to transfer crab from bucket to fridge - not a good idea to have a very pissed off mud crab roaming your kitchen, whilst in bare feet.

Gearing up for Hinchinbrook Island hike tomorrow, leaving Sun, back Thurs.

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