04 September 2008

FNQ Update Day 1

Launched from Fishers Creek this morning, bound for Spot X, Y & Z.

* 1 fiesty Estuary Cod at Spot X
* Had the huge thrill of having a very, very large Dugong circling the boat and scratching himself on the anchor rope as well. Damn those things are HUGE.
* Got bricked by a suspected Mangrove Jack at Spot Y, just as I was having a bite of lunch.
* Got absolutely smoked by something large and unstoppable at Spot Z on the new 8kg rod, luckily I had run up the reel with new 20lb mono last night, plus was running a 40lb leader. At one point I think it had 150 metres of line out on me, I just couldn't get it any closer to the boat than about 20 metres, and I never caught sight of it, after a 45 minute (I think) fight. Ended up straightening a 2/0 hook on whatever it was.
* Heading out for the afternoon tomorrow to chuck some lures around.

Stay tuned...

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