07 June 2008

Not Over Before It's Begun

We've got the outlaws staying with us for the week.

Els is a QLDer & her folks still reside there. They're having a few issues dealing with the temperature (or lack of). Just wait until they hit Canberra next week - then they'll know all about cold!

Anyway, the distraction of having house guests has meant the brakes went on any riding this week. I've missed the Thursday ride.

The schedule calls for a decent ride today, time trial tomorrow, and then rest Monday. I think I'm going to get a medium ride in today, longer ride tomorrow, time trial Monday, and skip the rest day.

Not ideal, but I think early in the program it shouldn't be a huge drama. Not like I'm racking up huge km's, and my recovery is usually pretty good.

Speaking of recovery, it was a pleasure to play indoor soccer this week, and not come home with crippling shin and knee pain (like I have for the last 2 weeks). Interesting how much toughening up the body needs when you change activities.

Anyhoo, off to Milawa today ('Fromage & Vin Sector' as one of my mates calls it).

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