19 May 2008

MTB Orienteering - A Blast!

Despite the less than average conditions yesterday (12C, overcast, drizzle all day), I managed to get out to the AWOC MTB Orienteering event at Mt Barambogie (east of Chiltern).

Barambogie is tucked to the north of the Eldorado range, lots of granite outcrops, and a fairly coarse sandy soil that seems to drain pretty well. The course was mainly set out on the flats, with some climbing around the southern extremity of the event area, but not enough to crush your spirit.

The course was 14 checkpoints, estimated distance 22km. I came in at 23km, so didn't do too badly. Apart from stupidly missing one (very easy) checkpoint, I think I would have done OK. I was certainly back quicker than some of the skinny, whippety looking folks there. Although with the staggered starts, it is pretty hard to tell.

But a good day had, and something I'll certainly be doing again!

Check out www.vicmtbo.com for other Victorian MTBO events.

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