22 May 2008


Technology (of any sort) is not my friend at the moment.

Was trying to find some CAD software yesterday, to help with one of my TAFE assignments. Was tipped off on an open source product that looked the goods.

Downloaded said software, and the laptop suddenly contracted a scorching case of 'Braviax' - an extremely nasty piece of malware that pretty much completely roots your computer.

Turns out the open source software wasn't to blame, rather an infected website that I'd visited that day (a 'safe' website to boot, one run by a mate of mine).

Anyway, this has resulted in a complete format of the laptop, and reinstalling everything from scratch. I've been going at it for 6 hours now, on and off, and I have a ways to go yet.

Don't be an idiot like me, and click through a prompt without investigating fully. What let the malware in was me 'ok'ing a window that looked like a Java update. Baaad news!

Just don't do it kids.

Nail Can ride last night, Polar packed it in about 7km in, luckily there is a global reset sequence, so I managed to get it re-started today.

Tried to do some friends a favour today - one was at work, the other home sick (one car family). Needed a laptop picked up from work and delivered. No probs I said, Els has got the car, but I'll ride (they live out of town, about a 30km round trip).

Picked up the laptop ok, but flatted on the way out of town. Just didn't have the motivation to change a tube on the side of the road, and try and get the tyre to 100psi with my pissy little handpump. So limped / pushed around the corner to another mates house, borrowed his car, and drove the bloody thing out.

Should have taken that option in the first place!

And the speedo stopped working as well.

So training has been a non-event for Bendigo 12 hour this weekend. Playing first game of indoor soccer tonight in 3 months, sure to cause some knee and shin damage.

Keeping telling myself I'm 'tapering'.


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