13 April 2008


I love a bargain. I love hunting for bargains. I love buying bargains and squirreling them away 'just in case'. There's been a few of them. Torpedo7 is my friend.

Well, another online bike store - Phantom Cycles - had a hot special running a little while ago (possibly still running). A set of Mavic 819 UST wheels, laced up to XT hubs. $495 the set.

How could I resist?

So they were bought, and put in cold storage 'just in case'. I made a pact to myself that they wouldn't be put on the bike until the next major event (next weekend - BMC 100km Enduro).

Well what better to do on a lazy Sunday than set them up with the new tyres - also from cold storage - and take them for a test ride? Nothn', I tell you!

Well these things rock. I was really impressed. Not a great deal of weight difference with the 117's that they replaced, but in terms of quality of build, overall finish, and handling, these rock. I was sooo impressed. Very rigid, solid wheels, that go where you want them to go, when you tell them to. And just for the wank factor, the rear hub just has a shade of clicking when you freewheel. Not Campag loud, but just loud enough to tell you to start pedalling again!

34km loop of Nail Can to test them. Wodonga - River Cycle Path - Monument Hill - Roper St singletrack - Ridge Trail to TV Track - Ron's - Dirt Luge - Lower Intestine - Shelobs - TAFE XC trail - Gateway Island - Home.

Sorts out the unfinished business from yesterday as well. Not feeling as guilty for utilising the bail out option.

A few more rides this week to keep the legs rolling over. 100km cometh.

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