04 March 2008

Eagle MTB Park Visit

A quick visit and lap around Eagle tonight with Russell, a very good mate of mine from the Adelaide days. Only got to spend about an hour and a half here, as we both had post-ride commitments.

But my quick observations:

# great facility, really well laid out, a good variety of tracks and skill levels.
# What goes down, must come up. Usually alot slower than it went down.
# My technical riding skills are not great. Actually, they're pretty bloody poor.
# The course designers have put some effort into creating some tricky little step-ups, logs, nasty rocky sections, nasty rocky uphill switchbacks, just enough to make sure you don't get a rhythm going.
# The course designers have also put in some awesome traverses and downhills, with heaps of rollers and berms.
# Don't hit EVERY jump, alot of them are just a biiiiit too big to reach, leaving you awfully hung up and in trouble.
# My bike has developed an awful ticking noise that I can't quite narrow down. I suspect the headset. Tomorrow's job.

Anyhoo I'm off fishing at 6am tomorrow morning. If I don't report in by the end of the day, go out and avenge my death.

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