11 March 2008

And So The Holiday Ends

I get a little melancholy towards the end of my holidays. This one is no different - I struggle, especially leaving Adelaide, my home town, my mates and my family.

I'm hoping that this will be the last time I have to leave for a while though. A couple of things in the wind when I return:

# I will be resigning my job and commencing study (you BLOODY beauty!)
# Preliminary negotiations with the girlfriend look like heading in the direction of us relocating this year. Timing and location still up in the air, but I would suggest probably August-ish, and somewhere closer to Adel, if not in fact Adel.

That should cure the homesickness, but then it will be hard to leave sunny Wodonga and our friends there too.

But this trip has been a ripper, I've really enjoyed my time away, and time spent in Adel at a loose end. Quick photo essay of the holiday follows:

The Razorback, Great Ocean Road

Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road

Forrest Campground, Glenelg River, Nelson VIC

Estuary Perch, Glenelg River

Glenelg River on Dusk

1st Run on 24kg Line

24kg Rod Loaded Up

Suprise Fishing Trip

Wirrina at Sunset

Mornings Work

Ready for Action

Wedding Party

Me & The Missus

West Beach Sunset

Public Relations Disaster

Cake Mistake

Skywriting or Mind Reading?

See you all once I return home.

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