29 February 2008

I Love Exploring

I've always been an inquisitive bugger. I love going for a drive and discovering new roads and areas. I love heading out on the bike and 'getting lost'. And today was a perfect example why.

I did a car recce the other day to try and find some rides to do while I'm here.

This is what I came up with:

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About a 50km loop from my parents place, undulating, one major 10km 500metre climb, and a prick of a 3km climb to get up the hill home to Mum & Dads.

And this is what I found along the way: (warning: crap quality mobile phone photos)

Hmmm, tricky steps, might walk this one.

Plunging line straight into a camber bermed corner. Sweet!

Nicely cut in traversing trail.

Ooh switchbacks...

Ye gods, they dont stop!

There would have been 30 switchbacks in a row down that face, it was insane. BIG hats off to Mitcham Council for being so pro-active in designing these trails and making them accessible to mountain bikers.

A quick stop at Eagle MTB Park on the way up the climb - didn't venture in, will be saving that for a trip next week.

Again, a world class faciliy. Really looking forward to getting stuck in here! A round of the National MTB series was held here last year, and I think another is on the table this year. More positive publicity for mountain biking!

And now home. 51km in the end, a hell of a lot easier than the 51 I rode on the weekend, but still feeling it, that is for sure.

And tomorrow? Bucks show, Races at Morphettville, Hogs Breath steak for tea, and about 35 guys that will no doubt be pissed up to the eyeballs by the end of the evening.

Sunday shall be very, very slow.

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