21 January 2008

My Ride - Part I

My baby, the day I picked it up!

In standard spec:
  • 2007 Giant XTC2 - 21 inch frame
  • Rock Shox Recon 351 fork
  • Race Face Evolution cranks
  • SRAM x9 rear mech
  • Deore front mech
  • SRAM x7 shifters
  • Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic brakes
  • Mavic 117 rims, Deore hubs
  • Hutchinson Python tyres
Bits changed out thus far:
  • Rear rim re-laced with DT Swiss stainless spokes
  • Pythons changed for Maxxis Larsens
  • Stans No Tubes fitted
On the hit list:
  • XT crankset, XT cassette, HG93 chain
  • New rims - thinking 817's with XT hubs
  • XT front and rear mech
  • XT shifters
This bike rocks. For the price I think you would struggle to get a better hard tail. Ignore those that say Giant is too common to have any credibility - naysayers the lot of them!
Yes there are couple of things changed out already, and a few more on the list, but this is not a reflection on the bike build, rather the riding style (or lack of) of the 105kg heifer riding it. I am not a graceful human being!
If I'd had a couple of extra $$ when I bought it, I probably would have got the XTC1. But then I'm sure there still would have been things to change out.
I am very, very happy with this bike.

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