02 April 2011

And while I'm on a roll:

This will probably interest Dee more than anyone else.

You may remember the huge wall map project I was working on for ages. Well, here's the finished product. My boss standing next to it for scale - and he's not a midget either.

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Proud I am.


Dee said...

There is nothing more useful than a great big map. No amount of scrolling will ever replace standing back and looking at the big picture. It is magnificent.

Dee said...

so explain the things on it, and what does the note say?

Ant said...

Hi Dee! This is an operational map for a fire Incident Control Centre. Mapped at 25K, it shows all of our land tenure, transport layers, hydro and various assets. You'll also notice little compass rosettes all over the map - these are our fire observation towers which are manned during the peak months. The string lines are retractable lanyards, with rare earth magnets glued on the back. If a fire starts out in the boondocks and the smoke is visible, the string lines are used to triangulate the position from two towers.

And the note says 'caution - not mounted to wall'. At this point it was still leaning up against the wall instead of being mounted. With the block mounting it would have gone well over 50kg at a guess. It's now up on the wall and in use.

We had to block mount it in 3 sections and then build it onsite. There was only 1 entry to the room it needed to be in - a 900 wide doorway.

Fair to say this was a mongrel of a job!