02 April 2011

30 Days of Biking

Bad blogger. Bad Bad Bad.

My life, in short:

# Contract expired.
# Contract renegotiated until end June.
# Bosses job advertising as ongoing role.
# Applied for bosses job.
# Interview next Tuesday.
# Haven't ridden my bikes much.
# Been sick heaps.
# Travelled a heap for work.
# Won a $25K grant for the MTB club.
# Spending a great deal of time negotiating with statuatory bodies for land and trail access.
# Riding a 24hr MTB race next weekend.


I have signed up for '30 Days of Biking'. A mate of mine put me onto it - and if you're Twitter-ified, you can follow it at #30daysofbiking.

The idea is that you ride your bike every day in April. Whether it's to the shops to get milk, or a 200km epic, just sit on your bike and ride somewhere.

2 days down, 2 days completed.

Wish me luck.

1 comment:

Groover said...

Is it too late to sign up? I didn't ride Friday...

Good luck!