13 April 2011

30 Days of Biking - Days 6 thru 13

Well, my days have been filled with biking - whether that be riding to work, riding to the shops, or absolutely murdering myself on a 24hr MTB course.

Everything was going swimmingly - until today. I was running late for work this morning, bolted out the back door to jump on the bike and go - flat tyre. Spat the dummy, could not be arsed dealing with a flat tyre, or deconstructing the ghetto tubeless kit I'd put through the wheel, and I made the call of shame for Els to drive me to work.

I did however walk home from work, which was a good solid 25 minute walk, which would probably get me close to the 10,000 steps an active person is supposed to walk every day. But that's another story (I am crafting the Walk Thru Winter campaign at work again this year, cue demonic laughter and the finger pyramid of evil contemplation).

Anyway - for the weekend. Mont 24 Hour at Kowen Forest, Canberra. Mixed 4 team - 85 odd teams in our category, and we came 6th! Our best result yet. An awesome and really solid effort from the entire team, we all muscled through some fairly horrendous conditions on the Sunday morning after the rain came in. It was a finely oiled machine - smooth rider swaps, bikes running well, zero mechanicals, everyone in good shape, and everyone keeping on top of their food and drink.

I didn't quite crack the magical 1 hour lap that has been eluding me for the last couple of years. Bejeebus I came close though!

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Groover said...

29 seconds - oh so close! Great result for you and your team. Well done!