19 January 2011

Tour Down Under 2011 - Day One Photos

A selection of happy snaps from TDU yesterday.

Didn't head out today - weeks of work, very little sleep, a 3 day bucks show on the weekend, 10 hours in the car on Mon, and then a full day out yesterday plus not getting home until late last night finally caught up with me. A sleep in (in a room with curtains that actually block out daylight) and a wander along the beach was in order.

Big 2 days on the bike coming up - tomorrow ride to Unley for the start, then up to Stirling to see the 3 loops and the finish. Friday is then the Challenge Tour, with 140 odd km from Norwood to Strathalbyn.

Having a great time, wish you were all here...

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Dee said...

Ahhhhh! SO TOTALLY JEALOUS! Have a fantastic time, good luck on the rides and don't forget to drop by a winery or three. *sigh* I am going next year, I swear.