27 August 2010

So - Where Was I?

Busy. Oh so busy!

3 weeks or so into my Presidential role, and things have certainly been bubbling along. 1st week into the job, potential for a brand new trail network lobs into our lap - and with it comes squillions of different negotiations about access, licence agreements, have we got the people to do it, can we do it properly, what do we want to put there... on and on it goes, aargh!

And on top of that, we're dealing with a whole different set of issues with our core trail network, in legitimising what is already there, having to make the hard decision to close some trails (and potentially incurring the wrath of our members) - hey, no-one said it would be easy.

I'm actually looking forward to the year. I can see it's going to be incredibly busy, but I think we can get an awful lot achieved and really give mountain biking the legitimate edge that it needs.

And work - well, it's work isn't it? Been a busy month there as well - a fair bit of travel, some interesting projects to work on, even been doing some lecturing! Yes - that's right - the GIS operator with no formal qualifications, not even a Uni Degree or Diploma to rub together, has been set loose to pollute the minds of delicate little 3rd year students.

[Insert finger pyramid of evil contemplation here]

Ah - but seriously - it has been good fun. It has highlighted to me that others don't necessarily learn the same way that I do - and that maybe if these kids are going to be effectively taught about the joys of GIS, they need to understand what the applications of GIS are. Not just making maps, is it Dee?

And in other news... bike shops are expensive places. Duh you all say, I'll bet.

Ducked out to the shop last night, I wanted to get a proper fitup on my road bike. I'd never done it when I bought it - just set the seat height and rolled out the door, and while it felt good to OK, the pedant in me wanted to make sure it was right. I'd been getting slightly sore in the back on longer rides so there was certainly an argument for a potential change.

Jess - my former workmate - rocks. Former National Track Champion, was on the Cyclones U23 team, spent heaps of time on bikes, and knows fitting back to front. Several small changes (seat actually went up - after a fairly dedicated campaign of Pilates, my seat height has actually risen from 99 to 100.5), drop one spacer on the stem, seat forwards slightly, it's like a whole new bike. Looking forward to a good ride tomorrow morning.

But the expensive bit, ooh. Adjusting cleat position on my shoes - oh hello, there is a lateral crack right across the base of the right shoe! Surprise! Hmm, those cleats are looking a bit worn, if you're getting new shoes, best get a new set of cleats. Oh - and XT pedals are on special - grab a set of those while they're cheap for the new bike. And better pick up that wheel you were trueing for me and the fork that you serviced.

See how this is going?

And in new bike news, well, there is no new bike. Despite it being ordered on the very day that pre-released orders were sent to the retailers (actually, probably within about 30 seconds of it hitting the shops email), and right up until the start of the week, promised delivery date being Week 34 (this week) - mysteriously my new bike will now not be available until Week 46. Yep - another 12 weeks. And - there's just been a recall on the frame as well, which I am betting will blow it out even further.

And with the Rocky Mountain in bits at the moment (cracked a weld, did I tell you that?) and getting repaired, I'm down to just the hardtail at the moment. And a 100km race next weekend (which will take me the best part of 8 hours) on a hardtail, is not going to be fun. At all.

Bah Humbug.

So taking an RDO today (catching up on a heap of those travel hours I've spent staring at the centre line of the Hume Highway) and getting a bit of study done.

Yep. Busy.

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Dee said...

Well you will be as qualified as me soon (a diploma) and I give lectures all the time. 30 years of doin' counts for something I suppose. And at the end of the day, in GIS there is always a map.