05 July 2010

The Wheels Of The Bike Go Round And Round

Well, I still feel like rubbish, but less like rubbish than I did yesterday, and much less like rubbish than I did the day before.

So I jumped in the deep end and rode to work this morning. Negative temperatures and all.

It's amazing - the 8 minutes each way to work made me a happier person, and put a smile (semi-smile, maybe, but the frown was definately upside down), and once again I have donned the rose coloured glasses.

Maybe cycling is the path to world peace.


Dee said...

There are days when you DON'T cycle 8 minutes to work? OK, now I have heard everything. Good on you for doing it. Now don't stop. It is wonderful how those small trips add up...

Ant said...

@Dee - clarification time - I ride to work pretty much every day, the reason I hadn't been on the bike for the last week is because I was so freakin' sick - and riding to work in minus temps with a cold seemed like a very quick path to pnuenomia. And once I complete my bike quiver with that singlespeed road bike, with mudguards and panniers that I really, really want, not even torrential rain will be able to scare me off!