27 July 2010


That lurgy that I thought I had shaken. Nuh uh. It has been hanging for what seems like weeks.

Here's the way it goes - get sick on the weekend. About Tuesday - start to feel something resembling human again. Wed and Thurs almost return to the land of the living. Friday - crash and burn. Sat and Sun - whinge about how crap and how housebound I feel.

So, not much has been happening around here! I've been managing to ride to work most days, but longer rides on the weekends have been almost completely out of the question.

Last weekend, I did manage to beat the cold into submission enough to get out for an XC race. RAMBO is our regional inter-club challenge, and over the winter months, every club holds a round. Last weekend was Wagga, which is a very, very fun place to ride (although I don't think it at the time). I saddled up for Sport A, and managed slightly better than a mid-pack finish. Not bad considering I hadn't had any intensity for a very long time.

And the other thing that I have started doing again is my Pilates / Spinal Strength classes. I've done these in the past, but for whatever reason drifted away from the habit. But it's been on the agenda to start again, and am I glad I have. 2 weeks in and I have noticed the difference already - much stronger core, no sore back on the bike.

Those tyres I ordered on 30 June? Arrived tonight. 27 days later. Thanks guys.

Fitted up to the bike, and boy oh boy am I itching to get out for a road ride!

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