02 May 2010

T minus 4 days

Yep, 4 days until we flee these sunny shores for the slightly more sunny shores of Italy and Europe. Slightly excited. And by slightly, I mean extremely.

This blog will be a bit of a ghost town for the next 5 weeks or so. In the interim, I've created another blog at www.elsant-italia.blogspot.com - which will be pretty much completely dedicated to travel updates while we're away. Easier doing it there than here - for the simple reason that this blog has been relatively undiscovered, and so gives me a degree of latitude when posting - and I'd like to keep it that way. Editorial independence and all of that.

If you're interested in how our trip goes (or is going), please keep an eye on the above blog. I'm hoping to update daily, even if it is just a few short lines and a photo or two.

Nail Can MTB race this morning. Phew! 13.7km (short point to point course), 380 metres of climbing, 49 minutes, MaxHR 182 and AveHR 172. I was seeing stars by the end of it, that is for sure.

More info below:

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