26 May 2010

Garmin Catch Up

Finally have an opportunity to post some of the Garmin logs from Week 1 at Belvedere.

Tim did the following ride - and as such all the HR and speed data is his. It was a ripper, I have not seen him look as stuffed after a ride as he did after this one for a long, long time.

The next one was an 'easy' ride out to the the owner, Maria's, Country House for lunch. A lovely ride, a lovely location for lunch, and a lovely meal.

And finally, the last day ride to San Marino, an independant principality located pretty much on the top of a rock. Apparently it's a tax haven, and the relationship seems to be pretty fractious with the Italian authorities. One of the other ride groups went there also, the result nearly being the tour guide getting arrested for not carrying appropriate identification.

Great spot for a coffee though.

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