13 May 2010

Day 5 Update

A quick 5 minute update while we wait for this morning's bike ride to start.

I had a day off the bike yesterday - a nasty sore throat and a mild fever put paid to any ideas of heading out on a hard ride. I made the call to have a tactical day off the bike and rest up, rather than flog myself out and destroy myself for the rest of the trip. Feeling a bit sharper this morning, so heading out with the 70km - 800 metre vertical group. Tomorrow will be the last day on the bike, I cannot believe that this week has gone so fast!

Yesterday we took a half day tour to Rimini, where there were local markets on. Typical market that you could see anywhere in the world, but Rimini is quite a nice town. It is a walled city with large gates - arches to enter through, everything is paved, and there are bikes everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. They would have easily outnumbered cars 5 to 1, maybe more. Everyone rides - just chuck the wife, kids and the dog on, and off you go. Seriously.

OK, time to ride. Further update later today.


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