26 April 2010

More Garmin

Geez I need to get my record keeping sorted out. Garmin is great, but it makes it far too easy to dodge filling out my training diary, or updating my kilometrage.

So - today's ride:

Pre-ride of the Nail Can Hill MTB race course. 15km point to point, 200 metre climb straight off the gun, and you climb 300 metres in the first 8km. A fair bit of down hill after that.

Italy? t minus 10 days. Busy busy busy!


Dee said...

Geeze! Go eat something!
Can't wait for the blogs from Italy. Hope you are enjoying work too, I figure I have never worked a day since I started mapping, I just love it so much.

Cycling is slightly better though...

Denny0417Mahurin said...
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