07 February 2010

How May I Serve You?

Exciting times in the Ant household.

It would appear that I have secured a job with the Department of Sustainability & Environment (DSE - a Victorian State Gov department) as a GIS Operator.

It's only a 12 month contract, and the pay is pretty lean - but it's a job, a GIS job at that.

Woo hoo!

Looking like a mid-March commencement, so I'm scrambling now to kick the brain back into gear, remember some of the stuff I've been learning over the last 2 years, and trying to remember what working in an office is like.

Anyway - I'm excited!


Matt said...

That's awesome dude - well done!

Dee said...

I started on lean pay at the Uni, but I went up the scale pretty quick when they started to recognize I had great value. I suspect you will be similar.

Great foot in the door and well done! You will be on a big learning curve, not because you don't know stuff, but because every job is so unique.

I know you will rock! Call me for anything I can help with! Don't forget to organise a ride to work day in October!

Ant said...

Thanks guys. I'm hoping it all comes through - I had the verbal offer on Fri, just waiting to see something in writing.

Dee - I suspect I'll be working in a department of tree hugging hippies - judging by the number of people wearing shorts and Teva sandals at my interview - so there might already be bike riders amongst them.

And I've already found the showers in the building - pity it's only about 2km from my house - I'll have to find a nice big loop to do before work!