20 January 2010

Computer Says No

And I thought I was doing so well.

Missed the bunch ride this morning - after a late night and a busy couple of weeks, I opted for the sleep in on my day off. (7:15am is a sleep in, right?)

So I snuck out on the singlespeed tonight to do a lap of town, on a few little known dirt roads and tracks. There is one particular hill that has always challenged, not too steep, but looong and constant, and straight up. This was the first time I'd tempted it on the SS. Made it the whole way up while staying seated, I was pretty stoked. HRM said 164 the whole way up, and I was superstoked by this - I thought I would be red lining for sure! Must be getting fitter, right?

So feeling quietly chuffed, I continued on my way. There is a short, steep, pinchy section that involves a fair bit of out of the saddle grinding to get up, you know the type, just leaning and pushing as hard as you can, while praying that the chain doesn't snap and you don't do yourself an injury. Red line territory for sure. I made it up, checked the HRM expecting to see something in the 190's - and what do you know, 164 still.

The flipping thing had locked up on me.

Grrrr. So, no HR data and no distance data. How on earth am I supposed to ride a bike without DATA?

So, long and the short of it, I rode my bike for an hour. I don't know how fast I went, and I don't know how hard I worked, but it was fun.

That's probably what bikes were intended for in the first place.

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