04 November 2009

Justice Served - but No One Wins


I take no real joy in any of this. While it gratifies me (pleases just doesn't seem like the right word) that the driver has been found guilty, and it instils a little faith that the justice system does get it right - no one has won out of this.

Two cyclists have been seriously injured, suffering pain, both physical and mental. The driver has lost his business and his livelihood, and will in all probability be spending a considerable amount of time behind bars. Cyclist - driver relations are unlikely to improve after this - all it will do is show punitive action can and will be taken against aggressive drivers. Drivers with an axe to sharpen against cyclists will now have another reason to keep the grinding stone running.

It's good to see that the system has worked this time. But I really wish sometimes that we didn't need the system at all, and people just did the right thing.

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