04 October 2009


Not much to report, other than a NSW public holiday tomorrow, which will make for a good odds and sods day. A bit of domestic and bike related catching up to do, prior to hitting Canberra next weekend for the Scott 24 Hour.

The drive train on the XTC really started playing up today - lots of howling in protest at the wet, slushy mix of mud and coarse quartz-based sand being flicked into it from every direction. Had some fairly major chain suck episodes, usually when under power, and usually when out of the saddle climbing, usually with someone right on my wheel. Unfortunately the tooth I tore off the 32t ring over 18 months ago has finally come back to haunt me. And given that I'm on my third chain, I'm probably up for a cassette change as well as a full set of chain rings and new chain. Groan.

But a nice ride all the same.

Not performed by me - but the first Alpine ascent of the season occurred this morning. Apparently a bit nippy riding up Mt Buffalo this morning, or so the story goes. I am so, so itching to get all of my insurance rubbish out of the way once and for all, get my new bike, and start getting some serious road kilometres under my wheels! I'm really starting to suffer withdrawls, and my kilometerage seems to be dipping as well.

Despite having a bike picked out (un-measured and un-test-ridden), I thought it a good idea to actually measure myself up to check it's going to fit. The Ergotech is recommending a 58 frame, where this is a 55.5 (last of the '09 stock - enabling a pretty sharp price). I'm undecided whether to proceed, I'm confident it will fit (I like a pretty aggressive position and this will enable that) - but will an XL frame fit better? My mate has an XL of the same model (just a couple of years previous) so I think a comparison ride may be in order.

If the cards do fall in the way of an XL frame, well then all bets are off, and we'll need to see what is about. Essentially back to the drawing board.

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