25 September 2009

European Vacation

That's right, Ant & Ms Ant are going on a trip. Hopefully without as many international incidents as the Griswalds caused.

So, here's the plan.

# Rimini for a week of cycling and climbing on our top-of-the-line hired De Rosa's.
# Jump in a campervan for a week or so through the Italian and French Alps, possibly the Dolomites, and maybe even catch a stage or two of the Giro d'Italia.
# Head to France & Belgium, drink wine, eat cheese, be tourists.
# Off to the UK to visit some family and round things out.

Some of the climbs we'll be doing around Italy:

And the hire bike:

So, flights booked and paid, accommodation booked, bikes just about to be booked.

Why is it so far away??


Dee said...

Ouch! Those climbs will sure neutralize the wine and cheese! Are you coming to Adelaide next week?

Ant said...

Unfortunately not Dee, madly trying to finish a couple of assignments, plus waiting for contact regarding a job I've applied for (and would really like to get).

Good luck with the presentation - whereabouts are you staying? Hopefully the weather improves there for you - Mum and Dad tell me they're getting absolutely pounded there at the moment!