24 May 2009

Just Circulating

I'm batching it at the moment - Els has gone north - far north in fact - so it's just me and the dogs.

So a brief precis of my week:

Went for a road ride today - a 'quick' 60km loop.

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Went anti-clockwise for something different, which of course means climbing Jindera Gap. Not that it's a huge issue, but I was out with two far, far better cyclists than me, and I burnt all my cookies climbing, and had gone completely lactic at the top, with an almost irresistable urge to throw up.

After that it was pretty swift going, sitting on 40kmh plus for most of the Bungowannah Road.

And finished the ride off with a coffee, and home by 9am, ready to start the day.

In other news, after 3 years of procrastinating, I've finally bought a new pair of MTB shoes. Behold:

Very, very white. Keen to give them a crack.

To my surprise, I discovered today that 4 years after I set it up, and 4 years of subsequent failure, my worm farm actually has worms in it! We actually gave up on this thing a year or so ago, and turned it into a compost heap type thing instead - took the bottom off it, dug it into the ground about a foot, and then bricked up around the base to discourage small canine type things trying to raid it. But there are now quite a few worms in it, which must have gravitated there naturally. Brilliant.

Also got some minor shed organising done. Seeing as my shed now holds 7 bikes (Els has reclaimed her hybrid, plus babysitting Choppy's MTB for the foreseeable future), more wall mounting was required - done. Also finished an extension lead - which I've nailed along the roof beams - getting power to the front of the shed for me. Just need to put up the flouro now, which just needs a switch or similar, and good to go.

Topped this off my mowing the lawns - mine and the neighbours - and suddenly my Sunday is gone.

How was your weekend?

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