02 April 2009

Piss Poor Performance Requires No Preparation

24 Hour this weekend.

Bike ready - check. (Sort of. Still dirty from the weekend, but I've cleaned and oiled the chain and oiled the pivots. Figure there will be all sorts of bugs on there after the drive to Canberra tomorrow)
Tool box ready - check. I think. Guaranteed to have left behind the only tool I'll need all weekend.
Workstand - nope. My stand doesn't fit the dually. I have another I can borrow, but the owner is nursing a 4 month old at the moment, so contact can be sporadic. Could be hanging the bike off the sun shelter at this rate.
Camping gear ready - nope. Have borrowed the branded pop up sun shelter from work - but that's about it.
Food ready - nope. Figure I'll just go to the supermarket when I get there. I have, however, filtered 15 litres of drinking water (Wodonga tap water is not the finest)
Bike food ready - nope. I have a sum total of 2 Enervit tablets left, and nothing else. Stop required at the shop on the way out of town.
Lights charged and ready - nope. Should probably do that, eh?
Clothes packed - nope. Might rain, might not. Calling 7C on Sat night, so time to dig out the sleeves and long legs. I've been eyeing off a pair of Santini knee warmers at work, but the budget won't stretch that far this week.

This may go down in history as my most disorganised 24 yet.

Might have to get up early to organise, given that I want to be on the road by 9.30am

At this rate I'm doing well to even have a team to ride with!

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