30 April 2009

Back on the Horse

It's been a good 6 or 8 weeks since I sat on the road bike. Don't know why, I've been riding the mountain bikes a whole lot, and the hardtail has become the default ride-to-work bike. This is probabld due to the amount of racing that has gone on in the early part of the year, I wanted to spend more time on the MTB's to get used to the position.

But 2 degree morning notwithstanding, I finally convinced myself to jump on the road bike and have a pre-study spin this morning. A trip around the Weir, which used to be our staple road loop, doing it twice or so a week, has not been done for possibly 18 months, and it was time to rectify the situation.

Technology-wise, I was in a vortex. My Polar is away getting serviced at the moment, and the speedo cacked itself this morning as well. So - I just rode at a pace I felt comfortable with. No idea how fast I was going, how long I took, or how far I went, but I enjoyed it. Cold, crisp morning, no wind, clear skies, just spinning.

And this is how the route went:

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Google says 43.1km, I'd be guessing 44 ish by the time I got on and off the loop from home.

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Matt said...

Hey dude - serious question for you... what do you find appealing about road riding?