03 August 2008


Seasonal Affective Disorder. Wonder if I have it.

I really just cannot be arsed at the moment getting on the bike - either of them. July was pretty much a write-off, might have sat on a bike seat 3 times, if I'm lucky?

And that shits me. Because up until that point, I was really starting to notice some gains - improved efficiencies, if you will. What am I rabbiting on about? Primarily heart rate. Without any hard data to back this up, I think I was running about 10 bpm below where my HR used to be. Put plainly, using less energy to cycle the same distance at the same speed. Recovery was also better, HR returning to resting alot quicker than it used to, and climbing ability alot better as well. One particular pinch that used to take me 2 stops to get up, I can now get up without stopping. Another hill that I used to grind up in granny gear, I now sail up in the middle ring.

So, awesome. Get some runs on the board. What's the best way to capitalise on these improvements? Don't ride for a month, sit on your arse, and drink beer. That pretty much sums up my July.

Oh well, it's a new month. Got out for a 33 odd km ride today, managed to link together 3 seperate routes for a bit of fun. Rode a new dirt road that I knew existed, but wasn't quite sure where it went. Also found a jumps track - quite well built - that has been secreted away, and looks to be getting a bit of use.

3 days away last weekend, snow camping at Federation Hut. Will write a proper report and get some photos up. Later.

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