28 June 2008

Tomorrow's Craziness

RAMBO Interclub Series

Our club's turn tomorrow - 5 lap race of our 6km course, expecting about 85 or 90 riders from the 4 clubs.

Spent the afternoon today wandering around and bunting up. Back at the track at 8am tomorrow morning to finish bunting (ran out of tape) and take rego. And maybe (shock... horror...) even race myself? Sacrifice myself to the cycling gods for the good of the club. If I get 4 laps out (reasonable expectation), that will be 34+58+24=116km for the week, on track.

Not going to make my 2000km by 1 July goal, but should only be a week or 10 days out of whack, which will put me ahead of my Quarter 1 result by about a week.

And considering I have 4 races on the calendar for the back half of the year, and there will be a few km's involved for each of them, I'm hoping to be on target by the end of the year.

God knows winter hasn't showed yet, so looks like cycling's going to be the hot activity for the winter months - certainly not snowboarding (well not at this rate anyway!)

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