18 April 2008

T minus 36 hours

BMC 100km Marathon this weekend.

First hundy I've ever attempted on the MTB. So it will be in-ter-es-ting to say the least.

In my normal 'Rain Man' way, I've ripped the profile apart to see what I'm in for:

It sounds stupid, and some of my mates patently disagree with me, but I like to know what's coming up, so I can hold something in the tank for it.

Unless I've got my calculations wrong, none of the climbs look drastic. On a good day, I'd be able to nail all of them. The only thing that may do me in will be the distance.

And compared to the Otway Odyssey graph and stats, this looks a little more achievable:

3.5km mark - 350m climb over 5km 7% grade
8.5km mark - 200m descent over 4.5km 5% grade
13km mark - 350m climb over 4km 9% grade - HARDEST CLIMB OF THE DAY
17km mark - 75m descent over 2km 4% grade
19km mark - 190m climb over 9.5km 2% grade
28.5km mark - 350m descent over 6.5km 5% grade
35km mark - 160m climb over 1.5km 11% grade - BLOODY STEEP
36.5km mark - 70m descent over 2.5km 3% grade
39km mark - 125m climb over 1km 13% grade - EXTREMELY BLOODY STEEP
40km mark 290m descent over 10km 3% grade

If I don't report in by Monday, avenge my death.

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