22 April 2008

Recovery Ride

Well, 2 days after the BMC massacre, it was time to get on the bike, get the legs rolling over and get back to something resembling normalcy.

I have to say - yesterday was pretty rough. Back was absolutely caning - not a nervy, twingy pain, but rather a really serious ache from the lower muscles - predominantly on the right hand side. Sore shoulders, sore arms, right hand still cramping and just about useless.

Today was a bit better, but still exhausted. Sat down after lunch and tried to read a magazine, I was struggling to hold my arms up to read. After a couple of minutes, they started shaking uncontrollably. The magazine had to go.

Anyway, the goal for tonight was a roll from home, down the freeway to the Big Shed, cross the freeway, and then home on the Old Barnie Road.

Rolled out at 5:30 with partner in crime, Tim. Oh boy, were the legs protesting. Hadn't even hit the service road when the quads started to cry and threaten to cramp up. Dropped back a gear and just spun.

Head was obviously not in the right place - took a couple of km to realise I had forgotten my gloves, glasses and Polar chest strap.

Not much more to report, other than riding the road bike at night is a little on the interesting side. Went with a single AYUP mount on the bars, which were plenty bright, but think I should have gone more than a single red flashing Knog at the back.

And it's getting cold - won't be long before the longs are out.

Flatted on the way home with about 9km to go. Couldn't be arsed changing the tube in the dark, on the side of the road, with a body that was protesting about leaving the couch.

So took the sensible option and rang dial-a-soft-option-home.

MTB maybe tomorrow night. Pending outcome of bike cleaning tomorrow that is.

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