01 April 2008


1 April 2008.

7 1/2 working days from unemployment.

Where has the year gone?

Two weeks ago, it was 38 degrees here. Today it topped out at 20. With a 4 degree minimum. Summer has fled, we are deep in the throes of Autumn.

BOM is predicting 20cm of snow in the Alps over the next 2 days. 10 days ago I was mountain biking up there!

And 1/4 of the way through the year, and I am 122km behind kilometrage goal for this time. And it's about to get cold. Not so cold that I can't cycle, although that is coming.

I sense we are very close to me going out in full lycra plus beanie plus full fingered gloves, and having the dubious pleasure of ice forming on my windbreaker, nose and eyelashes.


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