02 February 2008

Two down, one to go

Sat arvo, and I have managed to so far complete 2 of the 3 rides I wanted to do this weekend.

Last night was a quick Nail Can hitout with the MTBALB boys, followed by a not-so-quick chicken Parmie & 4 or so beers at the Star Hotel. Now this is my sort of riding!

This morning, the plan was to get out and get some decent road km's under my belt. Previously I have ridden with an informal bunch, who leave Wodonga at about 7am. I've lost touch with them over the last couple of months - weekends have either been spent working or away - so I wasn't sure on their ride calendar for this year. So I ended up getting a ride with an AWCC bunch, who left town at 8am this morning. Calendar suggested 80 or so km at 28-30 average speed. Sounded about right.

A great group to ride with, mixed standard of riders, and all very friendly and chatty, which was great. Stayed with them for the first 45km or so, got dropped climbing up through Chiltern Forest, and then caught them again at Chiltern for a quick stop.

Chiltern to home, we were punching into a fairly stiff headwind, along the same route used by the Tuesday night bunch ride - undulating and pretty quick. Well either the pace got turned up, or I got turned down fairly hard, because I was really working to keep with them. Did ok until I got sent out the front for two climbs, I kept the pace, but after the second climb had to peel off and quietly die somewhere. I'd hit the wall and limped home.

All in all, pretty happy with myself, kept with the group for all bar 5km. Legs were in suitable amounts of pain when I got home, so I was quietly satisfied with my efforts. If I can keep this pace for the next few weeks, there is half a chance I won't end up either being helicoptered off the Otway course, or worse being carried out in a plastic bag...

This mornings route:

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And in other news, the $15 Topeak computer I bought for my road bike 2 years ago has died a wet death - after being caught in a storm cell this morning, it really lost the plot. Actually I prefer to believe I was riding at the 307kmh max speed and 187 ave speed reported (damn I'm good!) but sadly I have returned to reality and realised the computer is, well, stuffed. So off to the Superstore this arv for a new computer - Cateye Velo 8 (should have bought quality the first time around!).

Also after forgetting to take my gloves last night on the Nail Can ride, I have been forced to accept that the grips on the XTC are rooted, overused, and polished down to a nice slick non-pattern. So they have been replaced with a set of the new Oury Lock-On Grips. Oury have a great reputation for their soft and ergonomic grips, hopefully the new lock-ons live up to the same reputation

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