14 January 2008


Prepare to be bored silly!

I love reading blogs, but have never toyed with writing my own, up until now. Maybe it's the notion that people might actually find what I do interesting, or that I can write in a way that will keep you, the reader, entertained.

Anyway, we will see..

You've probably guessed from the blog title that I'm facing an internal struggle at present. What to do with my life. Do I sound like a whinging, condescending prat yet?

I enjoy what I do, but I can't help but feel that there is more to life, and that I could be doing more to challenge myself, and maybe find a job that I can be excited and passionate about. I'm lucky in that I'm in a position that I can change jobs without financial disaster, or that I can even go and study if I want. But I want to use to use this chance wisely.

Anyway, enough for a first post. More to come!

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